Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Smart Suraksha Tips

So, having seen what awaits you if you are let your guards down and a bit carefree towards your security, let’s have a look at what all can we do to make sure we are safe. Some tips, for the ladies:

  1. Install Smart Suraksha - keep it ON at all times when travelling alone.
  2. Carry Pepper spray - in your purse
  3. Carry a small knife - in your pocket
  4. While travelling, dress modestly - If you’re going to a party, carry your dress and change at the venue. But while travelling, change into something which doesn’t attracts attention
  5. Be extra careful around the ATMs - Before you enter an ATM just look around to see if there is any suspicious element lurking around. Do not count your money outside of the ATM. Put your money in your purse and then come out of the ATM.
  6. Be “aware” about the place you are going: If it’s a new place, check it online, on Google maps. Note the major public places around - restaurants, markets, hospitals, cinemas. Note their phone numbers. Specially note the banks and ATMs as they have security guards.
  7. Maintain a confident and composed outlook: Look confident, stand straight. Even if you are afraid, do not give it away.
  8. Note the number of the rickshaw or the cab that you are getting into. Call one of your friends and say the number and the name of the driver aloud. Once he knows that people are aware of his details, we would refrain from doing something wrong.
  9. In Metro & Local Trains, if the female compartment is deserted, sit in the general one. It’s better to be with the general crowd, than be alone in the ladies compartment.
  10. If i you are stuck in an elevator with a sole man (or a group of men), press buttons for floors between your origin and destination floors. With lift stopping by at multiple floors, the men won’t try something nefarious.

Stay alert. Stay safe.


I am sharing my Smart Suraksha Tips at BlogAdda.com in association with Smart Suraksha App

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  1. Pertinent points... thoughtfully created!

    Arvind Passey